Whistle here!

Hi to you all! Whistle here!

Next chapter is under work and I hope I could deliver it before summer. 

Meanwhile, I'm interested to hear what are your favorite chapters, castrations or characters so far and why? What is the specific chapter/moment you like to visit again and again etc. Your feedback gives me inspiration, but maybe some insight what you guys specially like. So, please, leave me a comment. Thank you!

This artwork is older and is based on a story you can find from Busters blog; crackednutsballbusting.blogspot.com and it is originally written by another great writer; bignueces, his blog is here https://bignueces.blogspot.com/?m=1



  1. I'm always excited to see a new post from you, and I'm VERY excited to hear that the next chapter may be available by this summer!! YAY!!!

    I think you've already heard enough from me over the past couple of years, so I won't bore you with all of my favorites and my suggestions for the future. I'll just say two words -- "Big Red"! :D I can't WAIT to see the epic levels of ball abuse that this mighty muscle stud is able to endure before his humongous balls finally start to crumble under the onslaught... >:)

  2. My favorites have to be Riki getting his cock totally ruined then getting trapped and having his balls ripped off by that dog, hope to see just as much cock destruction as bull bursting
    also the waiter spilling boiling hot coffee on both of their crotches


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